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Tax advisor Thomas S. from Hamburg

"Somehow I always had a strange feeling about sending pay slips or financial data by e-mail. Do I know if someone can read along with my client or if on the way third parties can access the data?
With the security concept of UWORK.X and the server location only here in Germany, I am very sure. No one can read along without the client's personal master-key, not even the developers of UWORK.X. That's what I call data security, compliant with the law! "

What does "Sicherheit made in Germany" actually mean?

The OCULD Solutions GmbH was founded in 2015 in Berlin. Chief developers are Björn Schwabe and Dr. Bernhard Schwabe. From the beginning, the business consultant Lars Andersen is part of the team. “Built-in security” was the declared goal of the innovative platform UWORK.X from the first hour. The protection of confidential data in the digital world is becoming increasingly important, especially when communicating with partners in foreign countries.

UWORK.X uses high-security encryption according to established standards to encrypt your data and files in a neutral way; directly on your computer and every 60 seconds. This solution has passed extensive, so-called penetration tests for confidentiality, integrity and availability without restrictions.

The development team is located in Berlin and your  data will always stored in Germany! Use your computer around the world without worries. Without your personal master-key, no one will be able to decrypt your data, nowhere, never.

One to-one encryption is more secure than the one-to-one conversation.

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