Mailing, chatting, task planning - all in one platform - Made in Germany

You save time, because you handle all your communication via just one platform.

You save nerves because you never have to live with spam, bots or fakenews again.

You save money because together you have more time for the really essentials.

Getting started with UWORK.X

Use the security framework behind UWORK.X in your own products. End-to-end encryption, integrity checks and much more.
SECY – For secure software development

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Securely connected  and only share what YOU want - no one can read along

You communicate 1-on-1 directly and without detours, as usual.

All data is end-2-end encrypted and safe from strangers eyes.

No one can read along, nowhere, never.

The most important functions at a glance


U-Mail is as usual to use, the look and feel will be instantly familiar to you. But, all messages are automatically encrypted before sending. Messages can be formatted as you would expect from emails and you can add file attachments of unlimited number and size - which, of course, will also be encrypted.


Fast, immediate communication has become indispensable today. Quickly clarify a fact or appointment, ask a question or just say "hello". Use our secure encrypted messenger to chat with colleagues, business partners, customers or friends. Fast, direct, just the way you know it.


Manage tasks or projects together in a group, in dialogue with a customer or client or just manage your own todos. Add files in any number and size to each task. Prioritize, schedule and comment on each task. Share your lists with whom you want, to get your work done or to plan your next party. It's fun definitely.

Protect your business secrets and data

No matter where, only those who have been directly authorized by you can decrypt your messages and data.

No matter how, no one else knows your password - not even us.

Not indifferent: UWORK.X is a German development with server location in Germany.

UWORK.X is the future of messenger and sharing apps

Because we constantly evolve on principle.

Because you communicate with UWORK.X safer, faster and more effective.

Because your privacy is completely protected.

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